40 Pies From Around the World

Why chase the pie in the sky when you can indulge in delicious pies from around the world? Kulick’s Pie Recipes baked up an illustrated chart presenting types of pies from all over the globe, from savory pies such as Bolivia’s spicy meat and potato hand pie salteña de carne to fruit pies like Finland’s creamy blueberry and sour cream pie mustikkapiirakka. There are also decadent chocolate pies, like the Dutch rijstevlaai, a rice pudding tart topped with luscious meringue and chocolate shavings. No list of savory pies from around the world is complete without cheese, so check out France’s quiche Lorraine, a creamy custard pie made with cheese and bacon. We hope you have as much fun learning about these global pie recipes as we did!

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40 Pies From Around the World

Here are the pies from around the world we have showcased on this scrumptious chart:

  • American Samoan pie: Paifala
  • Australian pie: Tasmanian scallop pie
  • Belgian pie: Geraardsbergen mattentaart
  • Bolivian pie: Salteña de carne
  • Bosnian pie: Kvrguša
  • Brazilian pie: Empadão de frango
  • Canadian pies: Bakeapple pie and flapper pie
  • Chinese pie: Xian bing
  • English pie: Banoffee pie
  • Finnish pie: Mustikkapiirakka
  • French pie: Quiche Lorraine
  • Georgian pie: Adjarian khachapuri
  • German pie: Zwetschgenkuchen
  • Greek pie: Spanakopita
  • Irish pie: Shepherd’s pie
  • Sardinian pie: Pardula
  • Tuscan pie: Tortino di carciofi
  • Jamaican pie: Jamaican beef patty
  • Japanese pie: Hokkaido baked cheese tart
  • Lebanese pie: Sfiha
  • Moroccan pie: Chicken pastilla
  • Dutch pie: Rijstevlaai
  • New Zealand pie: Mince and cheese pie
  • Nigerian pie: Nigerian meat pie
  • North Macedonian pie: Zelnik
  • Persian pie: Tah chin
  • Filipino pie: Buko pie
  • Portuguese pie: Pastel de nata
  • Romanian pie: Pască
  • Russian pie: Coulibiac
  • Serbian pie: Bundevara
  • Swedish pie: Smulpaj
  • South African pie: Bobotie
  • Spanish pie: Empanada Gallega
  • Swiss pie: Bündner nusstorte
  • Ukrainian pie: Yavorivs’kiy pie
  • American pie: Apple pie
  • Floridian pie: Key lime pie

What’s Classified as a Pie?

Pie is delightful, but what IS pie? According to Dictionary.com, pie is defined as “a baked food in a pastry-lined pan or dish that has a fruit, meat, pudding, or other filling, and it often also has a pastry crust on top.”

Why Is it Called Pie?

It is believed that the origin of the name “pie” comes from magpie, a bird that is part of the corvidae family (same as crows). “Pie” was a word used for magpie before it was applied to the pastry, originating from the Latin term for the bird, “pica.” That word morphed into “pie” in Old French, which eventually became the name for the bird in English.

So how did the word for a bird become the name of the beloved flaky treat? There is no concrete record of how or why the word became the term for a baked good with filling, but strong evidence suggests that the connection comes down to the bird’s quirky hoarding behaviors. Magpies and crows are renowned for their habit of gathering an assortment of odds and ends to build and decorate their nests. To medieval cooks, assembling a pie may have felt similar, with various ingredients gathered and baked into a crust.

40 Pies From Around the World

Pie + Country Description


American Samoa (U.S.)

Hand pie filled with pineapple, coconut, sugar, and milk
Tasmanian scallop pie



Flaky pie filled with Tasmanian scallops, curry sauce, diced carrots, onions, potatoes, celery, and corn
Geraardsbergen mattentaart



Small, sweet pie filled with curdled milk, eggs, sugar, and almond flavoring
Salteña de carne



Mini pie filled with spiced meat, potatoes, onions, and peas



Whole chicken drumsticks baked in a thin layer of pastry, often topped with sour cream
Empadão de frango



Chicken pot pie with chopped green olives, corn, peas, hearts of palm, tomato sauce, and dashes of hot sauce
Bakeapple pie


Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Sugared cloudberry pie with a touch of vinegar in the crust
Flapper pie



Graham crumb pie crust filled with a creamy custard and topped with fluffy meringue
Xian bing



Juicy meat and scallion pie seasoned with ginger, pepper, and soy
Pie de limón



Condensed milk and lemon juice pie topped with a thick, fluffy meringue
Banoffee pie



Buttery biscuit crust topped with bananas, cream, thick caramel sauce, and a dusting of coffee or chocolate



Luscious, thick sour cream and blueberry filling on a crumbly crust; may be flavored with cardamom and vanilla
Quiche Lorraine



Pastry crust filled with Swiss cheese, bacon, and savory, creamy custard
Adjarian khachapuri



Open-faced cheese pie topped with an egg



Shortcrust pie topped with zwetschgen plums



Spinach and cheese baked into paper-thin phyllo dough
Shepherd’s pie



Ground meat (typically lamb or beef), gravy, onions, and vegetables topped with a thick, seasoned layer of mashed potatoes


Sardinia, Italy

Small pies made with semolina, lard, sugar, ricotta, eggs, saffron, and grated lemon zest, eaten warm with powdered sugar
Tortino di carciofi


Tuscany, Italy

Savory tart with butter, eggs, artichokes, cream, eggs, and nutmeg, baked until the eggs puff up
Jamaican beef patty



Spicy beef-filled hand pie colored with an egg yolk and turmeric mixture
Hokkaido baked cheese tart



Cream cheese tart with a flaky crust. Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island, is famous for its creamy, rich dairy with a mild vanilla flavor.



Flat pie with a minced meat topping (often lamb), onion, tomato, pine nuts, and spices
Chicken pastilla



Chicken pie with almonds and ras el hanout (spice mix of cinnamon, coriander, pepper, ginger, turmeric, and anise seeds) with a thin, crispy pastry shell topped with powdered sugar



Rice pudding tart topped with creamy meringue and chocolate shavings
Mince and cheese pie


New Zealand

Filled with minced steak enveloped in thick, beefy gravy and pockets of melted cheese
Nigerian meat pie



Hand pie filled with minced beef, onions, carrots, potatoes, and a curry-spiced sauce


North Macedonia

Layers of pastry filled with sirene (white cheese), feta, eggs, sorrel, browned meat, rice, leeks, and brined cabbage, served warm with yogurt
Tah chin



Crispy golden rice pie with onions, chicken, barberries, yogurt, garlic, lemon zest, and saffron
Buko pie



Flaky crust pastry with young coconut and custard filling
Pastel de nata



Egg custard tart dusted with cinnamon



Cozonac dough pie filled with fresh cheese (such as cottage cheese), raisins, eggs, and sugar. Other variants use sour cream, berry, or chocolate filling.



Flaky crust stuffed with fish (salmon or sturgeon), rice, onions, dill, cumin, coriander, cardamon, and star anise



Strudel-like flaky pie filled with sweetened pumpkin



Sugar, wheat flour, and oatmeal topping over an apple, rhubarb, or bilberry filling baked directly in a pie dish, without a pastry shell


South Africa

Cape Town specialty made from spiced meat, chutney, milk-soaked bread, and tamarind paste, topped with eggs and baked until golden
Empanada Gallega



Two-crusted savory pie filled with meat or fish, red peppers, and onion
Bündner nusstorte


Caramelized walnut interior with a shortcrust pastry shell, often flavored with milk and honey
Yavorivs’kiy pie



Savory potato and buckwheat pie with onion, chives, and butter
Apple pie


United States

Rich, syrupy cinnamon apples topped with a latticed flaky crust
Key lime pie


Florida, United States

Tart, lively pie made with key limes; may be topped with a meringue


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