Do Pecan Pies Need to Be Refrigerated?

Yes: Since pecan pie filling is made with eggs, the USDA recommends that you refrigerate your pie once it has cooled. This is also true of store-bought pies, although they can sit out a little longer because of all of the preservatives they contain. It’s best to store your pie either in the box it came in or loosely wrapped in plastic wrap in your refrigerator. However, it is safe to leave a pecan pie sitting out at room temperature for up to two hours, which should give you plenty of time to enjoy a slice or two with your loved ones.

Kulick's Pie Recipes Bruce and Lisa

Bruce Kulick and Lisa Lane Kulick are pie connoisseurs and have expertly crafted our list of classic pie recipes befitting a rockstar. We hope you love them as much as we do!

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