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Bruce Kulick and Lisa Lane Kulick Pie RecipesWe’re the Kulick’s!

Glad you found our site fellow pie-lover! At the Kulick’s household we like to wake up early and spend time together sipping coffee, watching the news, checking our emails, and scrolling through social media looking for new ideas.

Bruce also takes some time to feed our three little Betta fish, who are always ravenous in the morning. Out of the two of us, he is definitely the organized one, spending a few minutes each morning writing his to-do list for the day.

Meanwhile, I like to sit by the dining table and watch Bruce buzz around the house like a little hummingbird. His antics always inspire me and bring a smile to my face, so I make sure my creativity planner is always within reach as I sip my coffee and enjoy my view.

While our routines are pretty flexible and depend on the day, one thing never changes. You can always hear soft music playing in our home, usually through our vinyl player. We find that some Beatles or Dean Martin is all we need to start every morning just right. With them crooning in the background, every new day becomes exciting and seamless, even if we have a lot on our plates.

However, our love for music goes beyond being casual fans. Bruce Kulick’s career is ever-fresh and flourishing, and he travels to Grand Funk and other similar events whenever he can.

While he uses the office to create music and have fun, I spend most of my time at our granite kitchen island. There, I create my art and hum along to whatever’s playing.

As elaborate as it is, our morning routine comes to an end pretty quickly, and just like that, were on to our next shopping adventure to make and perfect the best pie recipes ever to share with our friends and families!

How Kulick’s Pie Recipe Came to Be

Along with rest of the world, our life changed completely in March 2020. We had to put safety first and stay home, no matter how difficult it was…and it was a challenge.

Since trying out new restaurants was always a favorite pastime of ours, this change hit us hard. All of a sudden, going out to eat was off-limits. And to make things worse, ordering in just wasn’t cutting it for us.

Our solution? Instead of experimenting with new restaurants, we would just try out new recipes at home! For two creative souls who needed an outlet at an extremely difficult time, this idea was a true lifeline.

To start things off, we decided to ditch our usual ice cream out of the carton and try something a bit more challenging. Fresh homemade pies have always been a favorite for us, so we started looking for new exciting pie recipes that inspire our creativity, trying to add our own twist to this classic dessert staple.

What surprised us the most on this journey was the sheer amount of recipes we managed to find. From sweet to savory, there were several of combinations we had never even dreamed of.

Everything we found online only gave us the courage to experiment even more. In no time, we were coming up with the pie recipes ourselves and having the time of our lives in the process.

And, at the end of the day, that’s what we want to help you with as well! With our pie recipes, you’ll (re)discover your love for baking and realize that it is a creative and fulfilling activity that your whole family can enjoy.

Plus, you’ll get the best bonus anyone can hope for: the most delicious pies you have ever tasted!

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